The Master’s Musings December 2018

Dear Fellow Lightmongers, I have just undertaken my first couple of months as your new Master. I hope you enjoy the account of my endeavours during this time. 2nd November - Common Hall May I thank all those Members who attended Common Hall and elected me to be your Master for the year ahead. What a wonderful evening it was with Barbara’s Report on her great year in office, the ... Read more

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Visit to the Royal School of Miliitary Engineering Brompton Barracks Chatham Kent 14th December 2018

For some time we have been looking for an affiliation with an army cadet unit to go alongside that for the Sea and Air cadets which we already support. Our search led us to the Royal School of Milatary engineering where Army Engineers arere trained. We were particularly impressed by the training being given to electrical apprentices which includes a module on lighting. Although not ... Read more

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