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See what creative lighting can do in making famous buildings and structures look attractive not only for the residents but for visitors and tourists of our great cities. 

Welcome to the Lightmongers Livery Company, which is one of the modern Livery companies and number 96 in order of precedence within the City of London and being a modern company has all of its members involved in the lighting industry through engineering / manufacture, design, architecture, electrical installation and distribution.

Two of the main objectives have been established:

  • To foster the art and science of lighting by bringing together those practising the many different skills involved and to promote goodwill in the industry.
  • To encourage invention and imagination in the use of light by prize, scholarship and other appropriate means.

The membership of The Worshipful Company of Lightmongers represents all sections of the Lighting and electrical industry and these include lamp & luminaire manufacturers, electrical contractors, electrical wholesalers, public lighting engineers, consulting engineers, lighting designers and architects.

More can be seen on City Livery Companies by clicking here.

Officers of the Court fro 2015-16
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